A success story

In the 70’s, returning from an English teaching position in Africa, Michèle-Marie Dupire dreamt of creating a very personal teaching English programme for children using ‘performance’ as the basis for learning a new language.

Michèle-Marie's resume

Back in Paris, where she met Laurent Voulzy, a French Pop Star, their artistic collaboration started. Later she met Patrick Clerc, a talented graphic illustrator, introduced to her to an artistic TV producer. Through this introduction, packages of book and records, books and audio cassettes and later musical video clips were produced.

In the 80’s, when the popular songs became a hit in the Education world, Michèle-Marie launched her Pop English clubs at home and within school and community centres.

Michèle-Marie et son concept

The first broadcaster to show her musical videos for children was the British Children’s Channel. Canal J in France followed a few months later. This media coverage helped Michèle-Marie successfully introduce her Pop Languages programmes in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and Australia.

Singing and playing her guitar Michèle-Marie taught English to children for several years in France and Africa before starting her fantastic adventure. 30 years later, the concept is still alive. Michèle-Marie has written and produced new songs in English, French and Spanish and continually strives to enrich her popular language programme.

POP LANGUAGES has helped thousands of children aged 3 to 12 to learn or improve their English, French or Spanish around the world. More than 200 original songs have been written in all 3 languages creating a poetical world of fantasy which appeals to children and grown-ups alike!

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